08 novembre 2005

Technorati Extension for Flock

July 2006: the Technorati topbar's page has moved. Go to the new home of the Conversation Topbar for Flock to download it. This page stays here for archive.

As proposed in the bug 1424, I developed a Technorati toolbar for the Flock browser. I developed an extension rather than a patch, so anyone can try it easily. As far as I know, it's the first extension developed specifically for Flock.

Install the Technorati topbar!

The idea is simple: you get a list of weblogs talking about the current page. Useful to know what other people think about the site you're reading.

  • Display the Technorati topbar from the View->topbar menu.
  • Hover an entry to load the page summary in the topbar.
  • Click to load the page in current tab, ctrl+click or middle click to open in a new tab.
  • Click the "reload" button to get informations about the current page.


Alternatively: Download.

People still afraid to use Flock as their default browser (Flock is still in "developer preview" phase) may want to try the TechnoBar FireFox Extension. It is a sidebar for Mozilla Firefox.

Update: tabs :)
2005/11/10 Update: "loading", icon, update feed
2005/11/22 Update: thanks to Chris' feedback, the new version features a Technorati logo on the right. Drag'n drop a link to launch a query, and hover to see the current query's URL.
2005/11/24 Update: better layout for small resolutions.

Note: sorry, this is basically a French blog, so all the navigation links are in French. To post a comment (English welcome of course) click on the link "Ajouter un commentaire" from the post page.

Flock Compatible

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16 commentaires:

ramage a dit…

This is very nice. It would be even better if one could right-click a link and open it in a new tab. In Firefox, I'm a big fan of the "Technorati Links" Greasemonkey script (which basically does the same thing) - as I can't get GM to work in Flock at all, your Technorati bar will be very useful there (and it's better as it doesn't obscure any part of the page, and shows more links). Thank you!

Lloyd D Budd a dit…

What does the tag "cosmos" suggest?

Erwan a dit…

ramage: Thank you for the suggestion! Open in a new tab is a requirement.

Lloyd: This kind of query is what the Technorati guys call a "Cosmos Query".


Ok, I change it to CosmosQuery. I had a look at "cosmos" in Technorati, and with no surprise it's full of entries about the space.

Gichie a dit…

How about if you middle-click (or the other standard tab-browsing shortcut keys) to open, instead of right click? It would take less time to get used to.

Indelible Inkstain a dit…

Very good! Thanks so much for a very nice add-on.

AdminID a dit…

I made a screencast of it in action at http://adminid.com/flock

It is WMV (Windows Media Only) and short. Let me know how I can improve it.


P.S. My blog announcement as well... http://blog.adminid.com/2005/11/10/technorati-topbar-for-flock/

Erwan a dit…

That's great! Thank you AdminId.

But I can't read on my Linux box (I can read some wmv, but not this one). Do you think you can make it in a different format, like .swf for example?

AdminID a dit…

I converted to VideoEgg and posted on at http://adminid.com/flock

Send me an email if you want the javascript to post it on your site.


Erwan a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Any chance of porting this to firefox? Love it...


Erwan a dit…

Anonymous: if you love it, just use Flock ;)

Actually it was easy to implement because it is Flock. I really implemented it in less than 2 hours, including digging Flock's code. As a Firefox extension it would have taken much more time.

In particular, because of:
1) The topbar UI in Flock. In Firefox, it would become a sidebar or the topbar UI should be implemented in the extension.
2) The Ajax library in Flock. It should be back-ported to Firefox to be able to query Technorati.

In sum, it would not be impossible to do but it would be much more than just add Firefox in the install.rdf. I don't plan to port it myself in a near future.

Thomas a dit…

merci, c'est vraiment sympa !
Je ne suis quand même plus totalement satisfait de Flock, mais je ne retournerai plus sur safari en tout cas !

andig a dit…

>Anonymous: if you love it, just use Flock ;)
>Actually it was easy to implement because it is Flock. I really implemented it in less than 2 hours, including digging Flock's code. As a Firefox extension it would have taken much more time.

Might be an option, but I'd like to stick with FF for now- I'm conservative :) So- definitely took me more than 2 hours, but I've devoloped something like to for FF- TechnoBar. Not as nice and nifty, but probably not bad for starters.



sfong15 a dit…

it doesn't work with

bosozoku a dit…

j'ai Flock/ et ca me dit que je ne peux pas l'installer parce que je n'ai pas la version 1.0 de flock bon tien moi au courant jaime ton produit et le japon aussi sugoii heina gaijin !!
mail moi a cluster2600 (A) gmail point com

Erwan a dit…

sfong15, bosozoku: you need to get the new version here: